Long-Sleeve Pure-Color Open-Front Outerwear

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Pattern Type:Solid


Dress length:Regular

Fit:Fits true to size

How to wash: Hand wash Cold,Hang or Line Dry

1XWomen Coat


Size US UK EU Bust Shoulder Waist Length
S 4 8 34 90cm/35.4" 37cm/14.5'' 88cm/34.6" 75cm/29.5"
M 6 10 36 94cm/37" 38cm/14.9'' 92cm/36.2" 76cm/29.9"
L 8 12 38 98cm/38.5" 39cm/15.3'' 96cm/37.8" 77cm/30.3""
XL 10 14 40 102cm/40.1" 40cm/15.7'' 100cm/39.3" 78cm/30.7"
2XL 12 16 42 106cm/41.7" 41cm/16.1'' 104cm/40.9'' 79cm/31.1"
3XL 14 18 44 110cm/43.3" 42cm/16.5'' 108cm/42.5'' 80cm/31.5''
4XL 16 20 46 114cm/44.8" 43cm/16.9'' 112cm/44'' 81cm/31.9''
5XL 18 22 48 118cm/46.4" 44cm/17.3'' 116cm/45.6 82cm/32.3''


Size:S US:4 UK:8 EU:34 Bust:90cm/35.4" Shoulder:37cm/14.5'' Waist:88cm/34.6" Length:75cm/29.5"
Size:M US:6 UK:10 EU:36 Bust:94cm/37" Shoulder:38cm/14.9'' Waist:92cm/36.2" Length:76cm/29.9"
Size:L US:8 UK:12 EU:38 Bust:98cm/38.5" Shoulder:39cm/15.3'' Waist:96cm/37.8" Length:77cm/30.3""
Size:XL US:10 UK:14 EU:40 Bust:102cm/40.1" Shoulder:40cm/15.7'' Waist:100cm/39.3" Length:78cm/30.7"
Size:2XL US:12 UK:16 EU:42 Bust:106cm/41.7" Shoulder:41cm/16.1'' Waist:104cm/40.9'' Length:79cm/31.1"
Size:3XL US:14 UK:18 EU:44 Bust:110cm/43.3" Shoulder:42cm/16.5'' Waist:108cm/42.5'' Length:80cm/31.5''
Size:4XL US:16 UK:20 EU:46 Bust:114cm/44.8" Shoulder:43cm/16.9'' Waist:112cm/44'' Length:81cm/31.9''
Size:5XL US:18 UK:22 EU:48 Bust:118cm/46.4" Shoulder:44cm/17.3'' Waist:116cm/45.6 Length:82cm/32.3''
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